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Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner

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Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner Review  |  Q&A  | 


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Quick Overview

Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner, 3 Year Warranty.


Product Description

Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner, 3 Year Warranty. The Dometic Ibis 4 makes improvements on many of the industry-leading features of the highly sought-after Ibis 3 and packages them in a more lightweight roof top unit. The new-generation compressor with inverter technology used in the Dometic Ibis 4 ensures that vibration is minimised, creating a more pleasant environment. In addition to this, the quiet environment that the Ibis 3 achieved has been replicated. 

The inverter technology within the compressor also significantly reduces start up power requirements. This Ibis 4 model will start and run off a 2000w inverter generator

The internal ADB has been redesigned, optimising airflow inside the vehicle. For the first time in an Ibis air conditioner, a turbo-mode fan speed has been included, which allows for rapid cooling inside the RV.

In addition to the performance improvements from the Ibis 3, the Dometic Ibis 4 also features several refinements to the build of the rooftop unit. The shell of the rooftop unit has been redesigned with strong EPP materials to ensure a lightweight build. Weighing in at only 40 kg, the Dometic Ibis 4 is significantly lighter than its predecessor.

The length and width have also seen significant reductions in size, resulting in a much more compact rooftop unit. The Dometic Ibis 4 has the option to be fitted to both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings, a first for the Ibis series.

Key Features: 

  • Excellent cooling capacity of 2.6kW
  • Four fan speeds, including a turbo speed for rapid cooling
  • Extremely quiet cooling, even at maximum speed
  • New generation variable speed compressor
  • The dual-cylinder horizontal compressor reduces the level of vibration
  • Optimised airflow means increased efficiency and reduced noise
  • Auto mode allows the user to set the temperature and the unit will determine the relevant mode and fan speed
  • Sleep mode reduces the fan and compressor speed for reduced noise
  • Automatic display brightness
  • Two Piece ADB means simplified assembly thanks to fewer parts
  • Remote control operation and touch control
  • Leightweight rooftop unit at only 40 kg due to use of EPP materials
  • Suitable for both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings
  • Ultra thin design reduces towing drag and clearance requirements
Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.

Product Manual

Additional Information


Brand Dometic Aircommand
Best for Vehicle Length Up to 7.0m
Electrical Rating (single phase) 220-240 Volts
Nominal (compressor capacity) 3.6kW
Cooling Capacity (ISO5151) 2.6 kW
Heating Capacity 3.0 kW
Current Draw (Cooling/Heating) Cooling: 6.9A | Heating: 6.5A
Operating Temperature Range –2 °C to +52 °C
Airflow (high fan) 332 m³/h (High fan) , 496 m³/h (Turbo Fan)
Dimensions (WxHxL mm) 758 x 230 x 1112 mm (Rooftop Dimensions)
Roof opening (W x D mm) 360mm x 360mm and 400 x 400 mm
Plenum Height 48 mm
Plenum Width 518 mm
Plenum Length 579 mm
Net Weight (kg) 40.0 Kg
Number of blower speeds 4
Remote control Yes
Manufacturers Warranty 3 years
NOTE Will operate on most premium brand inverter type generators (check with your generator supplier for compatibility)
Installation Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.


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DOMETIC | Sean Scott Relies on Dometic Air Conditioners

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:What is the difference between ‘reverse cycle’ caravan air conditioners and ‘heating element’ caravan air conditioners?

    Hi, great question. These descriptions relate to how the heating/cooling works in air conditioners. ‘Heat Exchange’ units use heat exchange to cool and an electrical heat element to warm. It’s not the most efficient heating method, but it works no matter how cold it is outside.

    Reverse cycle units are the more common type and they use a compressor whether heating or cooling. This is more efficient method but for some models can be an issue when there’s ice in the outside air.

    There are more Reverse Cycle models available and it is the most popular type of RV air conditioner – customers that opt for Heating Element style air conditioners typically plan to spend long periods in cold temperatures.

  • Q:With air conditioner ratings, why are some specifications for the same model different between suppliers and information sources relating to things like cooling capacity?

    Hi, good question. With ratings such as cooling capacity, two different numbers can both be correct – they can just relate to different requirements and conditions.

    Often cooling capacity figures displayed for the product are from the electrical rating conditions. The other main method of testing ratings of air conditioners is to ISO5151 standard – this method is under standardised controlled conditions and allows more direct comparison between models.

  • Q:Looking at a roof top caravan air conditioner - What are the noise ratings (dBA)? And which is the quietest?

    Unfortunately caravan air conditioner manufacturers don’t provide dBA ratings with their unit specifications, which is a pity because it is a hot topic among caravan enthusiasts.  

    All of the models we stock are premium brands and we have had no feedback from customers that the noise of their caravan air conditioner model purchased from us is too loud, or keeping them awake/disturbing them during the air con operation.

    Referring to specific models, a couple of the more popular caravan air conditioner options are:

    • The Harrier Inverter Air Conditioner has a variable speed inverter compressor, making its operation very quiet for its size (its designed for vehicles up 7.5 metres in length). 
    • The Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK3 model (designed for vehicles up to 6.5 metres in length) has improved its high speed fan operation from previous models, also making it a very quiet roof top caravan air conditioner.
    • The latest release from Dometic; The Dometic Aircommand MK4 model (designed for vehicles up to 7 metres in length) features a new-generation compressor with inverter technology which ensures that vibration is minimised, creating a more pleasant environment. In addition to this, the quiet environment that the Ibis 3 achieved has been replicated. Both of these features make it one of the quiestest air conditioners in the market.
  • Q:How Do I Maintain My Dometic Aircommand Ibis 4?

    Hi there,

    To maintain your air conditioner you should perform regular and interval maintenance. This includes:


    • Check the condensation water drainage.
    • Clean the filter of the air discharge unit.

    Intervally (Once Per Year):

    • Check the profile seals - check the seal between the roof air conditioner and the roof of the vehicle for cracks and other damage.
    • Have the heat exchanger serviced - have the heat exchanger of the roof air conditioner serviced by specialist workshop.

    *Please Note! Any other maintenance work to that which is described here may only be carried out by qualified personnel who are familiar with the risks involved when handling refrigerant and air conditioning systems as well as the relevant regulations.

  • Q:Hi, Can you please outline the main differences between the new Ibis Mark 4 aircon model compared to the Ibis Mk 3 model?

    Hi Dale, great question. The key features of the new Ibis 4 model are:

    • A powerful dual-cylinder horizontal compressor which reduces vibration in your RV rooftop when the a/c unit starts and changes speeds, which reduces noise. The compressor also incorporates inverter technology which significantly reduces start up power requirements - this Ibis 4 model will easily start and run off a 2000w inverter generator.
    • The use of durable lightweight EPP material has helped to significantly reduce the weight to 40 kg, dropping 8 kilos when compared to the Ibis 3.
    • Suitable to fit 360 × 360 mm and 400 × 400 mm roof openings straight out of the box without the need for additional components or accessories.
    • Slightly lower rooftop profile: improving on an already sleek design on the Ibis 3 version
    • The new Ibis 4 version has what Dometic calls a ‘turbo fan ’speed feature which accelerates the cooling of the van… so while the actual cooling capacity between the older and newer Ibis models are the same, the turbo mode slightly quickens the cooling process.
    • Simplified assembly due to the reduced number of ADB parts

    If you would like more detail, we have written a more in-depth article about the refinements Dometic have made to improve the Ibis in this latest version 4 model: you can read the ARTICLE HERE

  • Q:What is the airflow of the Ibis 4?

    Hi there,

    The four airflows ob the Ibis 4 are as follows: 

    Fan Speed     Ibis 4:         
    Low 231m³/h
    Medium 282m³/h
    High 332m³/h
    Turbo 496m³/h




For details relating to the Dometic delivery process CLICK HERE



For details relating to the Dometic warranty CLICK HERE

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